The experience gained since 1994 allows Adtech to confidently take on turn-key pipeline projects in remote areas and deliver successful project outcomes for our clients. We specialise in operating in Australia’s harshest regions.

All equipment used on our installation projects are specifically designed for the handling and make up of fibreglass pipe. Adtech FRP has developed and patented the Adtech Installer for the Installation of threaded GRE pipe, the higher productivity rates, achievable under the harshest working conditions, resulting in a shorter installation time. Adtech’s installation machine is also referred to by the pipe manufacturer in its standard installation manual, which is distributed worldwide recommended for the specific product and size 6” and above. Our business has developed from the success of the projects we have completed and the customer service we provide.


Our project aim is to fully understand our client’s scope, cost, time and quality requirements, and ensure that our personnel providing the services have the experience and resources necessary to meet and possibly exceed the client’s expectations.


Adtech first installed GRE pipe in the Australian Oil & Gas Industry in 1994, this was the first GRE pipeline installed as a production line for hydrocarbon service in Australia. With pipelines installed to AS2885 ranging from 1½” flowlines to 16” high pressure gas pipelines, we have the experience to deliver projects on time, on schedule and on budget. Using our patented installation machine we achieve installation rates that are up to 10 to 20 fold industry standard for metres installed manually per day in a trench. Adtech has received an outstanding achievement award from the pipe manufacturer for the most metres installed in trench in 1 day anywhere in the world. The award was directly related for works performed on Beach Energy’s first GRE pipeline construction. Using our knowledge and experience specialising in installing GRE pipe and understanding the special requirements in remote areas, Adtech has been able to assist with Environmental and Pipe Engineers to reduce the footprint required to install Pipelines resulting in recognition from SANTOS with a Directors Environmental Award for the Cooper Basin Jalbu GRE flowline campaign. The same application was applied to Eastern Star Gas 32k 10” GRE Gas Pipeline where a ROW was limited to 10m through the state Piliga Forest over 15km saving hectares of forest.
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