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Adtech FRP Pty Ltd is an Australian Company specialising in GRE fibreglass pipe. It is the largest and most experienced company for installation of glass reinforced epoxy pipe in the Australian Oil & Gas industry.

In 1994 Adtech supplied the first GRE pipe onto Barrow Island for hydrocarbon service the client at the time was WAPET (now Chevron Australia Pty Ltd). After the pipe was in service for a test period of 2 years it was deemed a complete success and it was decided that all produced fluid flowlines / pipelines on Barrow Island would be progressively replaced by Centron GRE pipe.  This project is ongoing with 90% of steel pipe on Barrow Island being replaced by Centron GRE. GRE pipe is continuing to be supplied to Barrow Island as of September 2012.

Adtech has designed, supplied and installed GRE pipelines throughout Australia in hydrocarbon service from 1½” through to 16” all to AS2885 standard.

Line Pipe



Our project aim is to fully understand our client’s scope, cost, time and quality requirements, and ensure that our personnel providing the services have the experience and resources necessary to meet and possibly exceed the client’s expectations.

Design / Engineering

We provide a GRE pipe specific design and Engineering Service tailored to the clients requirements and complying AS2885 / ISO 14692-1 to 4 and API 15HR / API 15LR.


We supply fibreglass reinforced epoxy pipes, ranging in size from 38mm to 1200mm, for high pressure, corrosion resistant service for pipeline applications in the Hydrocarbon Industry.

Pipe is manufactured to comply with API 15HR / 15LR and ISO 14692 which is referenced under AS2885

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