Downhole Oil & Gas/Water

Adtech FRP Pty Ltd is an Australian Company specialising in GRE fibreglass Tubing and Casing. It is the largest and most experienced company for the supply of glass reinforced epoxy pipe in the Australian Downhole industry.


In 1995 Adtech supplied the first GRE Tubing onto Barrow Island for injection service; the client at the time was WAPET (now Chevron Australia Pty Ltd). In 1996 we started supplying the BHP Olympic Dam project with 9 5/8 Water droppers which is an ongoing supply up to 2015. Then in 1997 Barwon Waters in Victoria purchased 14’’ Casing for riser-less mains for potable water supply.

Adtech supplied all the 6 5/8ths casing for the 2006 DERM QLD Gabsi programme and has an ongoing contract with the Western Australian Dept. of Water for Artesian water wells in 4 ½ and 5 ½ casing sizes.

Since 1995 Adtech has supplied GRE tubing/Casing in Municipal Potable water supply, Monitoring wells for all services, Gas production wells, Water droppers, Irrigation bores, injection bores and among many other uses

Our business has developed from the success of the projects we have completed and the customer service we provide.


Our project aim is to fully understand our client’s scope, cost, time and quality requirements, and ensure that our personnel providing the services have the experience and resources necessary to meet and possibly exceed the client’s expectations.

We utilise pipe yards in WA and QLD for the storage and repacking for drill site requirements.


We supply fibreglass reinforced epoxy Tubing and Casing, ranging in size from 1 ½’’ to 40’’, for high pressure, corrosion resistant service for Downhole applications

Tubing/Casing is manufactured to comply with API Q1 and ISO 14692
Adtech also supplies a range of pre-slotted tubing to suit client’s requirements.

Adtech also supplies any crossover requirement in a range of materials from super duplex, SS and carbon steel to GRE. All Downhole subs, elevators and handling equipment are readily available Adtech can also supply a range of spacers to suit the GRE pipe


Technical / On Rig Support

Adtech has been supplying GRE Tubing/Casing into the Downhole market since 1995.

Along with the supply of all required subs and handling / makeup tools we also have an onsite support service that has been part of Adtech since we first started supplying GRE Tubing/Casing.

Ph: +61 (0) 8 9262 7000