In many countries, casings must protect pipelines crossing or running parallel to highways and railways. Spacers are used to separate the pipeline and the casing.

Raci HDPE Spacers Raci HDPE Spacers

Raci spacers perform the following functions:

  • Ensures electrical insulation between the two pipes
  • Ensures carrier pipe is easily inserted into the casing with the spacers attached;
  • Fastens tightly onto the carrier pipe, so that the spacers do not move along the pipe during inserting operations;
  • Made of materials that do not conduct electricity and are permanently resistant to chemical corrosion;
  • Resistant to both mechanical and thermal shocks and stresses, particularly those that occur during the installation.

In addition, Raci spacers present following advantages:

  • The spacers are entirely made of plastic and no metal bolts are needed to fasten them;
  • They are assembled by fitting the spacer elements one onto the other and may be used on either plain or coated pipes;
  • Assembling spacers is simple and fast; the number of elements needed depends on the diameter pipe.
  • Each element is a flexible section with a toothed male strap at one end and an appropriately toothed female slot on the other end.
  • As the external diameter of the carrier pipe depends on the type of protective coatings of the pipe (bitumen, plastic, etc.), Raci spacers have been designed so that it is always possible to fit this varying external diameter of the pipe by adjusting the insertion length of the male strap.

Raci spacers’ range makes it possible to use spacers for pipes with diameters from 30mm to 3,414mm.

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